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The BNH Book Review: Bridge the Gap

Published Friday May 6, 2022

Author Terri Schlichenmeyer of The Bookworm Sez

The BNH Book Review: Bridge the Gap

“Bridge the Gap: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships From Challenging to Collaborative”
by Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary
2022/McGraw Hill
$26/256 pages

It’s inevitable that a co-worker might rankle you here or there one day, and problems like that can get out of hand. The thing to remember, say the authors, is that “You have a choice about how you respond.” You can “step up and be the one that bridges the gap.”

Accept that you aren’t fully in charge of what’s inside your brain. Your amygdala (referred to as “AMY” here) needs mindful corralling, your “inner narrator” will try to influence any story you conjure for yourself, and it’s easy to slide into a “drama triangle.” It’s essential to see how they can be controlled or sidestepped altogether.

The authors say follow their tips  to clear your mind and rid yourself of any lingering issues before speaking. Practice the right kind of openness to see beyond a person’s behavior and politics to quietly direct the conversation. Learn how to truly listen. And finally, seize the power of three little words—“Tell me about.”

Authors Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary help readers to be good catalysts in conflict resolution, without feeling weird.

They offer real leadership insights and actions that you can employ without being labeled a brown-noser. You can calm yourself and make your workday better. And if you cannot untangle a thorny issue, the authors offer some last-ditch efforts to try when all else fails.

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