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Take a Break Please

Published Friday Aug 28, 2020

Tired of being reminded to “use your vacation days” despite work demands and travel limitations? You’re not alone. New research from global staffing firm Robert Half shows 38% of workers nationwide and 45% in the Northeast said their employer has encouraged them to take time off. That's up from 25% a mere three months ago. And, of those respondents, 68% said their company has increased communication about the importance of using vacation days. 


Professionals May Need a Nudge to Unplug

While a quarter of workers reported their employer or manager has encouraged them to take time off since the pandemic began, 66% said there has been no communication about using vacation days. And, 9% say they've been discouraged from taking time off from work.

"Teams are running lean, and employees have more on their plates," said Paul McDonald, senior executive director of Robert Half. "Staff may feel inclined to save vacation time for when their workloads lighten and they can travel with greater ease. But now more than ever, it's crucial to carve out time to rest, reset and recharge.

"Many professionals are grappling with heightened career, financial and health concerns brought on by the pandemic. Managers should encourage employees to fully disconnect from work to focus on themselves and their family and avoid burnout. This may require employers to be more flexible with deadlines or bring in extra support to cover for staff who are taking time off."

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