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PoKos Named Innovation Rocks Winner for April

Published Friday Apr 15, 2011

Landing that first date with the guy or gal of your dreams is now as simple as pointing one's cell phone thanks to a creative New Hampshire innovation. Cheaper than a mixed drink and easier than a pickup line, this new software may change the way we meet, interact and, more importantly, conduct business.

The New Hampshire Business Resource Center announced today PoKos Communications Corp. has been named the April "Innovation Rocks!" award winner for its "Point-and-Chat" software.

"Point-and-Chat" is the first and only software on the market that enables users to point their phones at another user within sight and send them a message, without inputting any contact information, checking in, or having that person belong to one's social network.

Once a recipient has been designated (using the phone's camera), the "Point-and-Chat" application sends them a message saying that someone would like to speak with them. The person receiving the message can choose to respond, ignore it or even block future contact.

"What's even more impressive than some of the social applications are the ways that businesses can transmit messages at events they're sponsoring to potential consumers or even reach out to a presenter at a busy conference," said New Hampshire Division of Economic Development Interim Director Roy Duddy. "Rather than simply using an app to push out a coupon, you can start a meaningful conversation or gauge someone's interest on a particular topic. Point-and-Chat is an incredibly innovative product."

For more information about PoKos Communications Corp., visit

"Innovation Rocks!" is an initiative sponsored by the NH Division of Economic Development's Business Resource Center in coordination with Rock 101 (WGIR-FM) and the The Pavilion at the Hilton Garden Inn Manchester Downtown to celebrate the creativity and ingenuity of NH innovators.

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