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Paul Boynton: Say Yes to Being Amazing

Published Monday Jan 27, 2020

The NH author who told readers to begin with yes now says everyone has the capacity to be amazing. As he marks the 10th anniversary of his first book, “Begin With Yes,” Paul Boynton will release “Be Amazing: Discover Your Purpose, Conquer Your Fears, and Fulfill Your Potential” in January.

The success of “Begin With Yes” is evident in the 2,062,116 Facebook fans Boynton has attracted worldwide. “I am always in conversation with the people who visit the page. It’s become a community with the engagement levels through the roof.”

Boynton says the Q&A style of his books creates a coaching or therapeutic relationship between author and reader, “like a counselor or good friend.”

While his first book was self-published, its success attracted the attention of a book agent, who secured Skyhorse as the publisher and Simon and Schuster the distributor for this literary venture.

Boynton says he was inspired to write “Be Amazing” after a complimentary pancake was offered to a table of 12 who had waited patiently to be seated at a popular brunch spot. It showed how simple actions can produce amazing experiences.

Using stories to illustrate six key character qualities, he then offers a step-by-step plan for readers to define their version of amazing.  

Boynton is president and CEO of the Moore Center in Manchester, which serves people with intellectual, developmental and personal challenges. “An organization is like a person’s life with challenges, and much going on, but it is important to remain optimistic and hopeful,” he says.

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