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NH's Safest Communities

Published Wednesday Apr 24, 2019

NH's Safest Communities

Hanover, Exeter, Durham, Windham, and Merrimack are the five safest communities in New Hampshire, according to The recent study, which lists the 25 safest communities, uses 2018 FBI data from 13,366 law enforcement agencies of cities or towns with a population of at least 11,000.

The rankings were based on relevant categories of FBI data including population, property crimes, violent crime trend, violent crimes, citizen to officer ratio and property crime trend.

Hanover ranked No. 1:

•      Population: 11,410

•      Violent Crimes: 12

•      Property Crimes: 120

•      Citizen-to-Officer Ratio: 407

•      Violent Crime Trend: -48.2%

•      Property Crime Trend: -29%

Ten of NH's 13 cities made the list.

See the full list here:

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