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New England College Welcoming Students From Closed School in North Country

Published Monday Aug 10, 2015

New England College in Henniker is helping outgoing students from Mount Washington College find a silver lining. Upon learning of Mount Washington College’s upcoming closure, students are invited to attend  New England College and use prior earned credits at the same tuition rate they had been paying. 
Accredited and guided by similar foundational roots, New England College offers Mount Washington College favorites, such as business, health care and criminal justice, in addition to numerous other programs. Be it online, in Henniker or in Concord, New England College’s hands-on academic experiences provide students with knowledge, skills and confidence that employers value. 
Transition Ease
New England College has always had a reputation of welcoming students at any point in their academic career. “Making the transition from one college to another should be easy and students should not lose valuably earned credits in the process,” said Mark Watman, provost. “Our entire community at New England College is dedicated to the student experience. Mount Washington College commuters may continue commuting or choose to reside and take advantage of undergraduate life on campus. We have a saying at New England College – “you belong here” – and we ensure that is true for every student that joins us.”
Whether it be for returning veterans, community college or students looking to transfer, or mid-career professionals interested in pursuing a graduate degree, New England College is committed to student success from beginning to end.
Additional Benefits
In addition to maintaining the same tuition rates, Mount Washington College students will benefit from the ability to “study away” without an additional expense. Designed and led by faculty, off-campus study away opportunities are integrated into the curriculum and linked directly to course-specific outcomes. They provide a valuable enhancement to student learning experiences and produce real results. In spring 2015, New England College Study Away included programs in Nanyuki, Kenya, Ambergris Caye, Belize, Gaspe Peninsula, Canada, Australia, and New Orleans.

Earn Bachelor and Master Degrees Seamlessly.

Mount Washington College students will benefit from opportunities to earn both a BA and MBA (and/or other advanced degrees) in one cohesive program.

New England College provides ways for students to accelerate or tailor their academic schedules to fit their personal goals and parameters. Thanks to a convenient 12-month calendar, online and on campus delivery, and both day and nighttime course offerings, students may choose to earn a bachelor’s degree in three years, take a semester off to travel, or add a master’s degree in less time, these options are appealing to students and can catapult them ahead of the competition.

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