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Meredith Installs New Welcome Signs

Published Wednesday Sep 26, 2018

Meredith Welcome Sign

From left, Rick Wyman, president of MVSB; Hunter Secord of Stephens Landscaping Professionals; Sue Cerutti, executive director Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce; Annie Paquette of Paquette Signs; John Moulton of Moulton Farm, president of the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce; and John Stephens of Stephens Landscaping Professionals. 

Meredith has new “Welcome to Meredith Signs,” thanks to funding from Meredith Village Savings Bank. These town welcome signs were recently placed at the four main entrances into Meredith - on Route 104, Route 3 North and South and Route 25.

The Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce oversaw and managed the project, which was done in commemoration of the town’s 250th anniversary this year and the signs were designed and built by Annie Paquette of Paquette Signs. Each sign features a latchkey, symbolic of the town’s gateway into NH’s White Mountains.

“We’re thrilled to support the Meredith Area Chamber as they worked to install such impressive welcome signage for people coming from the north, south, east and west,” says Rick Wyman, president of MVSB. “Meredith has greatly evolved within the last 250 years. The town has become a destination spot in itself, not just a latchkey into the White Mountains. The Bank is proud and honored to help Meredith celebrate its success and heritage. MVSB has felt welcome in Meredith for 149 years, and we are happy to help welcome others!”

Installations occurred over a four-day period and involved personnel from Stephens Landscaping Professionals, Real Green Services, Ambrose Brothers, Moulton Farm and Ready Equipment LLC. Stephens, Ambrose, Harris and Moulton volunteered time and services from their staff for the project.  

“We’re very grateful to the generosity of Meredith Village Savings Bank, who’ve been instrumental in helping us design signs that are both welcoming and beautiful,” says Sue Cerutti, executive director of the Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce. “The Meredith Rotary did a tremendous job with signage back in the early 1990s. We wanted to update and mirror that success. The Chamber was elated to be given the opportunity to rehabilitate our town signage with the help of our board’s sign committee, which included John Stephens, Rob Ambrose and Dan Harris under the direction of Board President John Moulton. Annie Paquette of Paquette Signs deserves much of the credit as well, as he did a wonderful job designing and creating the welcome signs we all enjoy today.”

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