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Founders Circle to Support Entrepreneurship

Published Thursday Sep 19, 2019

Founders Circle to Support Entrepreneurship

More than two dozen alumni of Dartmouth College in Hanover, from the fields of technology, social enterprise, venture capital, small business, and private equity have joined together to strengthen all elements of the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Dartmouth.

Each pledging $1 million and collectively known as the Dartmouth Founders Circle—are investing in Dartmouth's growing entrepreneurship program, and they're also advising the program, making internships available, and mentoring students.

The Magnuson Center, established in 2018 with a lead commitment of $20 million from Allison and Rick Magnuson '79, provides comprehensive support to Dartmouth undergraduates, graduate students, faculty, and alumni on their entrepreneurial journey, from visionary idea to successful startup.

The center offers a robust mix of cocurricular programs, funding opportunities, and mentoring and internship experiences made possible through Dartmouth's world-class alumni network—all with a goal of helping future entrepreneurs from across the Dartmouth community clear the many hurdles they'll face as they strive to launch their ventures.

Between the Magnusons' gift, the $26 million from circle members, and other gifts Dartmouth has received to advance entrepreneurship—for a combined total of nearly $50 million—the Magnuson Center will expand all facets of its operations.

In 2021, the Magnuson Center will move into a state-of-the-art building, currently under construction, at the west end of campus, the nexus of technology and business education at Dartmouth. T

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