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Task List for Self Quarantiners

Published Thursday Jul 16, 2020

Task List for Self Quarantiners

Remember all those things you keep meaning to get to but never have time? For those working from home who have burned through most of what Netflix has to offer, it may be time to dust off that list, start prioritizing and tackling them. Here is a suggested list from Allison Dunn, CEO and executive coach with Deliberate Directions.

• Update your business hours on Google My Business.

• Email your customer list with an update.

• Write down your current business processes.

• Draft official job descriptions for your current staff.

• Reflect and take notes in preparation for employee reviews

• Update your 2020 budget.

• Create 200 social media posts.

• Update your social media profiles.

• Revamp your website.

• List your business in free online directories.

• Identify two to three areas where you can improve your customer experience.

• Run an environmental audit.

• Create a new filing system for 2020.

• Review your favorite local businesses on Google Maps.

• Call past customers to see how they’re doing and collect testimonials.

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