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Survey Reveals Love is Still in the Air

Published Friday Feb 12, 2021

Survey Reveals Love is Still in the Air

While the persistence of the pandemic may have some feeling bitter, a recent survey from the supermarket chain, Stop & Shop, found that this Valentine’s Day will be nothing but sweet. In fact, 67% of survey respondents stated they will still celebrate the holiday. The survey also found that love birds won’t be going big with gifts this year and they will be staying home.

Highlights of the Valentine’s Day survey include:

  • 90% of those surveyed said they will not give big gifts but, rather, opt for something small like flowers and a card.
  • 70% will be staying home and celebrating with a home-cooked meal (42%) versus takeout (28%).
  • While all chocolate is good (minus the 2% of respondents who said they don’t care for any chocolate), dark chocolate edged out milk chocolate as the preferred varietal, 43% vs 40%.
  •  When it comes to the classic heart candies, 60% said they like them while 40% said they find them gross.
  • Roses are still indeed red with more than half of the respondents (53%) preferring them over other flowers such as orchids (15%) and tulips (13%).

To learn more about what Stop and Shop is offering, visit for recipes and inspiration such as their red velvet love bugs.

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