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Sunday Night is the New Monday Morning

Published Wednesday Jul 10, 2019

Sunday Night is the New Monday Morning

As workers return to the office after a long holiday they may be suffering from ‘workplace creep’ having to deal with work issues before the work week even starts. It is cited as a primary factor in chronic workplace stress.

According to a story in the Wall Street Journal, some employers are banning weekend and late-night emails to prevent employee burnout.

Robert Half has conducted a recent survey that supports these findings:

  • 39% of U.S. workers reported having the ‘Sunday Scaries,’ which is anxiety felt Sunday night before the start of the work week.
  • 44% cited heavy workloads/project deadlines as the primary cause of anxiety, followed by having a challenging relationship with their manager (18%), and not liking their job duties (17%).
  • Workers in some cities reported higher levels of anxiety: Sacramento, Los Angeles, Denver and Cincinnati.
  • Cities with the least levels of anxiety: Nashville, Tampa, Portland, Minneapolis and Boston.




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