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Rivier Breaks Ground on Science and Innovation Center

Published Friday Apr 12, 2019

Rivier Breaks Ground on Science and Innovation Center

Rivier University in Nashua marked the newest chapter in its history by breaking ground on the construction of a 35,000-square-foot Science and Innovation Center, part of the university’s strategic plan.

“All of our dreams and expectations can be joined in the belief that the Science and Innovation Center will provide opportunities to harness one of the great gifts of humanity–the power of curiosity to seek, to discover, to create, and to expand knowledge,” said Sister Paula Marie Buley, Rivier’s president. “This is no small task in today’s world to seek the truth, to apply evidenced-based theory, to harness science, and solve problems in the service of true human freedom and advancement.”

The Center will provide innovative experiences for biology, biotechnology, nursing, and public health majors, with learning spaces designed to foster experiential learning, laboratories and equipment designed to solve real-world problems, technology that brings science into the classroom, and collaborative spaces for faculty and student to conduct research.

“This state-of-the-art facility will expand Rivier’s contributions to the life sciences workforce in Nashua and throughout New Hampshire,” said Nashua's Mayor Jim Donchess. “This support of workforce development, which is desperately needed, will add to the significant contributions that Rivier makes every year to our nursing workforce by educating the largest number of nurses throughout New Hampshire.” 

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