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Record Voter Turnout Expected

Published Monday Nov 7, 2022

Record Voter Turnout Expected

Secretary of State David Scanlan predicts 591,000 voters will turn out to vote in Tuesday’s Midterm Election. This will represent a record turnout surpassing the previous record for a midterm election set in 2018.

“We have several hotly contested races at the top of the ballot, and this is generating a lot of enthusiasm among voters to participate in the election,” Scanlan says.

As of Thursday, there were 883,035 registered voters, including 278,681 Democrats, 276,034 Republicans and 328,320 Undeclared voters.

This year,  NH went through the statutorily required 10-year checklist verification where voters who had been inactive for two full election cycles (four years) were removed from the checklist. As a result, a large number of election-day voter registrations is expected.

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