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Podcast of the Month: Hidden Brain

Published Wednesday Apr 1, 2020

Author Heidi Copeland

Podcast of the Month: Hidden Brain

If you’re a manager, in sales, an HR professional or basically anyone that works with people, this podcast is for you. Why?

Because this podcast digs into the way humans feel, think and react, and reveals how our behavior is often irrational.

The host, science journalist Shankar Vedantam, uses science and storytelling to illustrate how complicated and unpredictable we are. You’ll find that many of your preconceived notions about human behavior are off base at best.

For example, many of us think we know how we’d act in certain circumstances. But in one of my favorite recent episodes, “In The Heat Of The Moment: How Intense Emotions Transform Us,” scientists and sociologists demonstrate how our actions are vastly different than what we’d expect.

Listen to this to better understand your co-workers and clients.

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