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Pig Receives Pardon

Published Friday Oct 5, 2018

Grover and FriendsAn unusual collaboration between an animal sanctuary and a farm that raises and sells meat have saved a life and is helping promote animal welfare. But there's more to this unique partnership than meets the eye.

According to a statement, Tomten Farm and Sanctuary in Haverhill and Beans and Greens Farm in Gilford have committed to keeping a special piglet from going to market and instead, help him go wee, wee, wee all the way home.

Without realizing it, Grover, a friendly domestic meat piglet living in happiness with the barnyard animals at Beans & Greens, is generating awareness and, potentially, change.  Not only has this “runtiest of runts" touched the lives of thousands who know him via the farm stand's petting zoo, he, his story and his pardon from slaughter, could spark discussion throughout the state among meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

The collaboration is an opportunity to not only save a special pig, but to support and promote the preservation of local agriculture and open land in NH. “It does not have to be 'us against them'," says Tomten founder Jenifer Vickery when asked why she would consider teaming up with the Beans & Greens team.

“Everyone is on their own journey. Compassion, courage and kindness should be the direction we all take in the future. The time to act is now and in the case of Grover, that action will not only save his life but could make an impact that goes beyond one animal, two businesses and a few people blazing a trail," Vickery  says. "We have no doubt that Grover is an ambassador for meat pigs everywhere and are hopeful that his pardon will stimulate thought and conversation among many."


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