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Number Crunch

Published Thursday Sep 10, 2020

$300 Billion to $1.2 Trillion
Estimated damages incurred by businesses with fewer than 500 employees during the COVID pandemic and 2 million of those businesses are at risk of closing. Source: America’s Recovery Fund Coalition



Value of seedlings sold by NH State Forest Nursery during Spring 2020. That’s up 15% from 2019, a record-breaking year.
Source: NH State Forest Nursery



Market value lost by franchises on the RIFC 50 Index in Q1 2020. Source: Rosenberg International Franchise Center, University of NH





Manchester’s rank among the top 50 metro areas nationally where unemployment spiked highest during the pandemic. Source: SmartAsset study




Did You Know?
NH Gives, a 24-hour giving event in June created by the NH Center for Nonprofits, raised $3,256,784, which is
more than the past four years combined. Source: NH Center for Nonprofits

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