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New Venue Called Nashua Center for the Arts

Published Thursday Dec 30, 2021

New Venue Called Nashua Center for the Arts

The new venue under construction in downtown Nashua, formerly known as the Nashua Performing Arts Center, will now be known as the Nashua Center for the Arts. A local family that donated $1 million anonymously had final naming rights as part of the donation, according to Nashua Community Arts board president Richard Lannan.

Board member Phillip Scontsas says the donor selected the name because, “The center will be home to much more than theatrical and musical performances. It will be hosting films, a variety of attractions like celebrity chefs and reality TV stars, recitals, and competitions. They are looking forward to art exhibitions in the gallery and were pleased that the operator, Spectacle Live, is willing to work with community and school partners for access to the Center for the Arts.”

“The donors think it is important to have Nashua in the name. It will give Nashua attention as a destination for the arts,” he added.

Construction is underway and Harvey Construction is wrapping up framing and installation of the mechanicals, plumbing and electrical. “Currently, we are still on budget and schedule, with the projected opening in the Fall of 2022,” Lannan said.

Nashua Community Arts is a 501c3 nonprofit associated with the Nashua Performing Arts Center. For more information on participating in the Center’s Nama A Seat campaign, visit

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