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New Better Business Bureau Tool Identifies Shady Ads

Published Wednesday Jan 2, 2019

New Better Business Bureau Tool Identifies Shady Ads

The Better Business Bureau recently launched its latest consumer reporting service, BBB AdTruth, an online tool that empowers shoppers to identify advertisements that appear to contain claims that are questionable or that lack evidence to support them and report them. BBB advertising review specialists then investigate and assess their truthfulness. 

“Misleading advertising is a huge source of frustration for both consumers and honest businesses in today’s marketplace,” says Melissa Trumpower, executive director of the BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust. “Although BBB has always called out fraudulent, confusing or unsubstantiated advertising, this new reporting function provides another way for consumers to be our allies in the fight for truth-in-advertising.”

BBB AdTruth guides consumers through a series of questions about where they saw or heard the advertisement, which claims were made in the advertisement, and why the consumer was concerned about the truthfulness of the ad. Consumers are able to upload screen shots or photos, as well, enabling BBB investigators to gather information quickly.

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