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Merchants Fleet to Fast Track Electric Fleet Deployment

Published Monday Jan 18, 2021

Merchants Fleet to Fast Track Electric Fleet Deployment

Merchants Fleet in Hooksett has launched Electrify Fleet, an initiative to rapidly deploy new electric commercial vehicles into the market with OEM partners and educate clients about the advantages, applications and options available to them as fleet electrification continues to expand. 

“We are committed to the future of electrification and developing an extended ecosystem of industry partners to address clients’ biggest electric vehicle needs and electrify their fleets,” said Brendan P. Keegan, CEO of Merchants Fleet. “Merchants is proud to be at the forefront of fleet innovation, and we look forward to providing our clients with access to a range of electric vehicle solutions that meet their growing needs.” 

In conjunction with the launch, Merchants Fleet developed a sophisticated ecosystem of internal and external expertise, which includes a strategic partnership with Lordstown Motors, an Ohio-based original equipment manufacturer of all-electric, light-duty fleet vehicles. The partnership will introduce the Lordstown Endurance, the first all-electric commercial pickup truck, to Merchants Fleet clients across North America. Lordstown Motors remains on track to begin production of the Endurance in September with deliveries beginning before the end of the year and full production ramping up throughout 2022.

“Merchants Fleet embodies many of the same values that we built Lordstown Motors upon: strength, integrity, community and innovation,” said Lordstown Motors CEO Steve Burns. “As we continue toward the production, and eventual delivery, of the Lordstown Endurance, our partnerships stand as the physical representation of how we plan to impact the automotive industry, as well as communities across the country, with the advancement of electric technology.” 

Automakers worldwide plan to spend $185 billion on developing new electric vehicles as advancements in battery technology continue to drive prices of electric vehicles down. Due to the increased availability and overall reduction in the cost of ownership, electric vehicles are now an increasingly viable and sustainable alternative to their gas-powered counterparts.  

Merchants Fleet is leading the electric vehicle charge in the fleet space, starting with a significant order of electric vehicles for its clients. The company also recently hired industry-leading electrification expert Hari Nayar, underscoring its commitment to Electrify Fleet. Merchants has also launched a comprehensive new website at that provides clients with tools and insights to make a seamless and cost-effective entry into the electric vehicle market.

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