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#Meet Your Bestie: Bellwether Community Credit Union

Published Wednesday Nov 17, 2021

Author Matthew J. Mowry

The 2021 class of 25 Best Companies to Work For is exceptional. And that exceptionalism was especially apparent during the past 18 months of pandemic.

Bellwether Community Credit Union

Credit union.

Top Employee Engagement Survey Measures:

I would like to be working for this organization one year from today: 99% agree

My manager is interested in my well-being: 97% agree

President and CEO: Nathan Saller
Years in Business: 100
Full-Time Employees: 85
Total Number of Part-time/Temporary or Seasonal Employees: 5 (Benefits provided)
Years on List: 8 (Plus 2 years in Hall of Fame)
Address: 425 Hooksett Road, Manchester

The culture at Bellwether Community Credit Union has remained strong despite the challenges posed by the past 18 months. Employees have been surveyed several times on everything from stress levels to their preferences on remote, hybrid or in-office work.

Managers donated sick days to ensure that no employee facing COVID-related absences would go without full pay, and it avoided layoffs. The HR team also contacted each employee to check in and help employees with children schooling from home find ways to balance home and work.

The board of directors approved a companywide profit-sharing bonus even though the company didn’t meet its goal, and all employees were awarded two bonus days off.

Bellwether’s annual Employee Appreciation Day went virtual this year with a fun travel theme that included games and prizes that ranged from extra time off to gift cards and ended with President and CEO Nathan Saller thanking everyone for their efforts.

The credit union also launched a R.I.N.G. program on its intranet where any employee can recognize another employee in four key categories: Remedy the Situation, Impressive Leadership, Nice Job (appreciating hard work) and Great Co-worker.

Bellwether kept its quarterly health challenges through which employees were able to earn prizes.

The credit union’s commitment to bringing the best out of employees starts from day one. New hires meet with each member of the leadership team to orient them on the company vision, mission, goals and aspirations.

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