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Manchester and NH Attracting Millennials

Published Friday Oct 4, 2019

Manchester and NH Attracting Millennials

For years, leaders in NH have fretted over the state’s brain drain, as high schoolers leave to go to college in other states. The state is one of the biggest net exporters of young people. Combine that with the graying of the state’s workforce and it’s obvious NH faces an economic challenge.

A recent study, though, finds the tide may be turning. Manchester placed in the top 20 cities nationally with the highest net in-migration of millennials in a 2019 report released by SmartAsset. That pushed NH into the top 10 states of where millennials are moving and the only state in the Northeast to crack the top 10. (Manchester was the only New England city to rank among the top 25.)

Millennials are now the largest generation in the workplace and, by 2030, they will comprise 75% of the nation’s workforce, per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. But some parts of the country are benefiting from a larger influx of this coveted generation.

In its third annual study, SmartAsset analyzed Census Bureau data on migration patterns of people between ages 20 and 34 to uncover where millennials are going.

“For the second year in a row, Washington state leads the country in terms of net millennial migration. The net migration into the state was 36,257,” the SmartAsset report states.

Washington, however, does not have the highest number of incoming millennials overall. Other states with the highest number of incoming millennials on the list included North Carolina (with a total influx of 114,245 millennials), New York (141,802), Florida (155,482), Texas (199,113) and California (with the highest total influx of 231,598 millennials),” the report states.

Manchester saw 6,011 millennials move in versus 3,667 moving out, for a net migration of 2,344. New Hampshire had net migration of 6,719 millennials

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