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Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School Focuses on Inclusion

Published Thursday Feb 27, 2020

NH Healthy Families recently sponsored a student celebration of No One Eats Alone Day at Jaffrey-Rindge Middle School in Jaffrey to promote inclusion among students.

More than 300 students participated in activities to learn about social isolation and the negative effect it has on a student’s health and academic performance.

The students then engaged in a simple act of kindness at lunch. Students made sure no one was eating alone by sitting with students who they didn’t know. They were given ice breaker topics to spur conversations and highlight their commonalities.

Social isolation affects millions of students and has been identified as a precursor to bullying, self-harm and community violence. Students have shown that if they are given the tools, they will stand up for others as empathetic and caring activists, not passive bystanders.

Students learn inclusion

“At NH Healthy Families, we’re committed to building and maintaining children’s health, and that includes providing them with resources to succeed in life,” said Jeff Grahling, president and CEO. “We are proud to partner with Beyond Differences to celebrate No One Eats Alone Day, and bring light to social issues that affect students in New Hampshire.”

More than 2,500 schools nationwide took part in the initiative that reached more than 1 million students in all 50 states.  No One Eats Alone Day was created by the non-profit Beyond Differences and is sponsored by the Centene Charitable Foundation.

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