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Great Resignation Far From Over

Published Friday Oct 8, 2021

Great Resignation Far From Over

A new survey of American workers from shows that “The Great Resignation” is far from over.

To determine whether the 2021 job exodus will be waning in the coming months and, if not, what percentage of the workforce is still planning to quit, surveyed 1,250 currently employed U.S. adults in August. Among other things, the cxompany asked those surveyed if they’re planning to quit before 2021 and if so, why.

Key Findings

  • 15% of the workforce is planning to quit their job between September and December 2021
  • 1 in 5 haven’t decided if they want to quit
  • 40% of computer and IT employees are quitting between August and December 2021
  • 1 in 5 Millennials are planning to resign in the coming months, the most of any age group
  • Among workers who don’t plan on quitting, 58% would consider leaving if offered better salary and benefits elsewhere
  • 19% of those not planning to leave their job say they will do so if mandated to get the COVID-19 vaccine

Majority quitting to seek better pay, benefits

The survey found that better pay and benefits are the primary motivator among those quitting with 50% choosing this option.

According to Stacie Haller, a career counselor, job search coach and executive recruiter at, those individuals are making a wise choice.

“This is an excellent time to seek out a better-paying job,” she says. “We are seeing, particularly in industries that are experiencing labor shortages, companies that are figuring out ways to attract and retain their workforce, including offering higher wages and perks like college tuition.”

Haller adds that opportunities are ripe for workers who want to transition to different career fields with higher earning potential, saying that in the right situation, soft skills are currently more valuable than hard, career-specific skills.

Other top reasons why people are seeking new employment opportunities are starting their own business (44%), looking for remote work (43%) and finding a job about which they are more passionate (41% ).

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