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Forbes' Guide to Reopening

Published Friday Jun 12, 2020

Forbes' Guide to Reopening

As the country emerges from its coronavirus lockdown, safety is crucial. As of June 10, almost 2 million Americans had tested positive for Covid-19. And, more than 110,000 had died.

As a result, the great reopening is confusing. There’s a patchwork of evolving rules as states, counties and even cities take different approaches. In addition to being inconsistent, guidance can also be frustratingly vague, leaving both business owners and customers at a loss about how to behave.

Searching for clarity, Forbes Magazine spoke to public health experts, industry associations and entrepreneurs from across the country about best practices. From those conversations, Forbes put together sector-by-sector guides for consumers and businesses alike, with more to follow in the upcoming weeks.

Reported by Brianne Garrett, Chelsey Zhu, Chloe Sorvino, Lauren Debter, Maneet Ahuja and Tanya Klich. Edited by Alex Knapp and Katie Jennings.

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