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Filtrine Announces Next President

Published Friday Jan 17, 2020

Turner Hansel

Filtrine Manufacturing President Peter D. Hansel will retire in April after more than 46 years with the Keene company. His brother, Charles T. (Turner) Hansel, (pictured) will take over as the company’s sixth president in its 119 year history. 

Turner joined the company in 1997 and says he will continue to serve as the manager of its process water division splitting time between his office in North Yarmouth, Maine, and Filtrine headquarters in Keene.

Filtrine, a manufacturer of process water chillers, water purification systems and drinking water equipment, has been a family-owned business for five generations. Several years ago, in anticipation of his retirement, Peter began transitioning ownership of his shares to Turner, his other brother, David, and his nephew, George.  

David Hansel will continue to be vice president and manager of the drinking water division. George Hansel will become vice president and manager of innovation/engineering. Peter will remain on Filtrine’s board of directors as chair.

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