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ExcellenceNorth Hosts Community Excellence Awards

Published Friday Jun 11, 2021

ExcellenceNorth Hosts Community Excellence Awards

ExcellenceNorth Alliance (ENA) will host its inaugural Sylvio Dupuis “Community Excellence Award” event to recognize communities that have achieved tangible benefits in areas including economic development, quality of life, public health and education. 

Named after the former Manchester Mayor, community leader, volunteer, and philanthropist, this annual award reflects Dr. Dupuis’ lifelong work to improve communities for the benefit of citizens and families.  In addition to recognizing communities, the goal is to encourage other communities in New Hampshire to follow suit.   

 “From the development of arts and education to political, economic and non-profit project leadership and development, Dr. Dupuis epitomizes the effort to bring and sustain excellence in his community,” explains Tom Raffio, President & CEO of Northeast Delta Dental and ENA Chairperson.

“I am deeply honored to have this award named after me.  My efforts in the greater Manchester community and throughout the state are the result of deeply-instilled beliefs taught to me by my family and peers over many years.” says Dr. Dupuis, namesake of the new award.  “We all play a role in the success of our communities, and I hope this process develops shared best practices that benefit countless cities, towns, neighborhoods, and regions.”

WHAT:    Dr. Sylvio Dupuis Community Excellence Award

WHEN:    June 22 @ 11:00 am – 12pm

WHEREDr. Sylvio Dupuis Community Excellence Award (

This event will also recognize those who volunteered their time and expertise to review and provide feedback both for the Community Excellence Award and for ENA’s Organizational Award and Recognition Program.   A sneak peek at some future leadership and community initiatives supporting ENA’s purpose to enable organizations to sustainably thrive will be shared.  For more information, visit

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