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Civil Discussion is the Topic June 13

Published Wednesday Jun 8, 2022

Civil Discussion is the Topic June 13

The NH Humanities Council is presenting Trust Me! Civil Discussion & Information in a Polarized Age on Monday, June 13, 5:30-7:30 pm at Modestman Brewing, 100 Main Street, Keene.

This event is part of its Ideas on Tap series of "pint-sized conversations about BIG ideas with drinks, appetizers and conversation in a casual pub setting.

The First Amendment affords citizens enormous liberties. But what about ideas that seek to undermine our democracy? Justice Louis Brandeis argued that even "noxious doctrines" deserve constitutional protection.

We believe that the cure for anti-democratic ideas is a robust public debate.

Our panelists:

  • Cathleen Klem, Keene State College student
  • Tom Ewing, The Keene Sentinel
  • Danielle Dexter, Keene State College student
  • Paul Cuno-Booth, freelance journalist

Because a fragmented media landscape makes it harder to find a public big enough to dilute dangerous ideas and because fewer schools teach debate, the next generation of citizens may be unprepared to challenge toxic dogma. Join our conversation about the practical strategies of journalists and Gen Z citizens as they confront the noxious doctrines in current American politics. Attendees will hear from a newspaper publisher, a professional journalist, and two Keene State College students about how we can make space for bad faith ideas without losing faith in our democracy.

Tickets are $15 per person, including appetizers and one beverage (beer, wine, or non-alcoholic drink) in the relaxed atmosphere of Modestman Brewing in downtown Keene.



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