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Cheers! Brewing a New Minor at UNH

Published Thursday Jan 10, 2019

Author Melanie Plenda

Cheers! Brewing a New Minor at UNH

As NH’s craft brewing industry continues to expand, the state’s flagship university is offering a new minor that brings together the science and business of beer.

The university has invested in brewing equipment, though Cheryl Parker, brewery manager and course instructor at the University of NH in Durham, says students will learn more than just how to make beer. “A lot of these students already know how to home brew,” she says, adding she wants to teach the art and science behind building a brewery business.

Students come from a variety of majors and can apply the lessons of the minor to their field. “So, an engineering major decides to go into designing new equipment; a business major might decide to possibly own a brewing business or run the marketing for a business. And of course, I have students who may go to work in laboratories,” says Parker.

Parker regularly invites local brewers, from Busch to small craft brewers, to come in and discuss the practical side of the business.

She says she wants students to graduate with the knowledge and confidence to work for a large brewer in any capacity. They won’t need to be taught what’s going on. “They can have intelligent conversations,” says Parker.

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