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Business Transition Strategies Joins M&A Alliance

Published Friday Jul 31, 2020

Business Transition Strategies Joins M&A Alliance

Business Transition Strategies (BTS) in Pembroke has joined Cornerstone International Alliance as a founding partner. The new, international mergers and acquisition alliance is comprised of 17 M&A and investment banking firms focused exclusively on the lower middle market.

The Alliance is dedicated to facilitating the success of its members through access to global industry experts, tools, content, best practices and enhanced buyer and seller reach and in turn, the approach expands the world of opportunities for clients, according to a statement.

John Howe, BTS director, says Alliance partners provide global services to a market segment that is often overlooked. “All too often, lower middle market businesses don’t receive the services or reach they deserve because they are too large for main street business brokers and too small for large investment banking firms,” Howe says.

BTS provides services to New England-based clients by providing advisory, valuation, sales and growth-through-acquisition strategies. Advisors work in teams to accomplish client goals.

Nick Olsen, Alliance managing director, saysall members specialize in the lower middle market. "With these top firms joining together, we can provide far reaching value to our clients; the kind of global reach and expertise that wasn’t previously available to them.” 

Alliance partners work with business owners of firms with $500,000 to $10 million of EBITDA or $5 million to $150 million in revenue, helping them with selling their business, growing through strategic acquisitions, and providing honest, accurate valuations. 

 “This is an elite network that is expanding every month,” says Howe. “Together, we have more than 825 years of combined M&A experience and more than 3,282 deals successfully completed. By forming an alliance, the world is literally available to our clients.”


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