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Black Heritage Trail Announces Fall Conference

Published Thursday Aug 18, 2022

Black Heritage Trail Announces Fall Conference

This October, the Black Heritage Trail of NH will present the 16th Annual Black New England Conference. The conference is a Hybrid Conference being held at Southern NH University, Manchester, October 21 and 22.

Throughout American History, white immigrants and white Americans have had access to the opportunities needed to build wealth. The question asked at the conference will be, "What is the impact on Black families, Indigenous populations and People of Color due to  the lack of access to financial literacy, economic empowerment and wealth inequality in the United States?" The theme is Where the Money Resides: An Exploration of RacializedAccess & Historic Exclusion from Wealth.

The Black New England Conference is an annual meeting of academics, artists, activists and community members. It is an opportunity to share history, insights and research on Black experiences locally and globally.

For more information on the conference including scheduling, conference panels, registration and cost please go to, call (603) 570-8469, or send an email to

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