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Beware of Job Applicant Ghosting

Published Thursday Oct 24, 2019

creepy shadow hand going after worker

While ghosting usually means completely cutting off contact with someone your dating, businesses are now being ghosted by applicants.

There are many causes for increased workplace ghosting, but with Halloween fast approaching, education and training specialists,, wanted to assess which sectors are most prone to this phantom practice.

They surveyed 1,463 full-time employees from a range of sectors nationwide between July and September to discover how often they had ghosted or been ghosted themselves.

The sector experiencing the most ghosting from applicants is advertising, marketing PR and media—a whopping 27% were guilty of this at some point.

This is followed by business, finance and legal with 18% of companies have been ghosted by a prospective employee.

In descending number of ‘ghosters’, the remaining sectors place as follows:

• Miscellaneous Other (12%)

• Technical Services (11%)

• Education (9%)

• Retail/Hospitality (9%)

• Healthcare (8%)

• Government (6%)

workplace ghosting chart

Applicants that have also been ghosted the most by a potential employer come from advertising, marketing, PR and media with 24% of applicants saying they have not heard back from anyone before.

Next in line is the business, finance and legal sector with 22%, and the remaining sectors place as follows:

• Healthcare (15%)

• Retail/Hospitality (13%)

• Government (8%)

• Miscellaneous Other (7%)

• Education (6%)

• Technical Services (5%)

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