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A Cookie Shortage? Now????

Published Wednesday Dec 16, 2020

A Cookie Shortage? Now????

With ongoing labor shortages and cookie demand up this year, major cookie manufacturers, like Pepperidge Farms, are reporting that Americans could find themselves lacking cookies for Santa.

Throughout the pandemic, Americans have consumed cookies in record numbers. TOP Data conducted a survey and found that this latest spike in COVID cases has driven demand for cookies up by 25%. The company claims that one of every five Americans can now be considered a "cookie addict" for consuming more than three cookies each day.

What else did TOP data learn?

  • Cookie consumption nationwide rose 25% during COVID.
  • 32% of Americans eat between 24 and 42 cookies a month.
  • Only 5% of Americans don’t eat a single cookie at least once a month.
  • NH ranks #22 in the nation for having the most cookie lovers.

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