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May 2015

  • Business NH Magazine announces the eight top businesses of the year and the single business leader of the year!
  • Hidden Credit Card Fees Our writer takes a look at gateway fees, batch fees, AVS fees and other fees sucking away your profits.
  • Small Claims, Big Volume We venture into NH's small claims court. Judge Judy this is not.
  • Rising Costs of Cyber Stick Ups – Cyber hackers are replacing masked bank robbers and the stakes are higher.
  • NH's Cannabusiness – It's now legal to sell medical marijuana here, but setting up shop is complicated.
  • Think Tank – Would consolidation fix NH's educational system?
  • 2015 Human Resources Guide – The high tech side of HR, using big data and metrics to increase productivity, managing online reviews and redefining the independent contractor. Plus the latest NH HR legislation.