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Supreme Court Weighs in on Online Sales Tax

Published Friday Apr 20, 2018

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The Supreme Court is considering a case that could force consumers to start paying sales tax on all of their online purchases. In a story at CNN Money, Lydia DePillis writes that during arguments in South Dakota vs. Wayfair Tuesday, the justices debated whether online retailers must collect sales tax on purchases made even in states where they do not have a "physical presence," say in the form of an office, warehouse or distribution facility.

The answer to that question could carry a pretty hefty price tag. Last year, states could have collected as much as $13.4 billion in additional online sales taxes, according to the General Accountability Office. That revenue source is becoming increasingly critical to state governments as citizens do more of their shopping over the internet — it's only 9% of all retail sales currently but growing steadily. Read the full story at CNN Money.

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