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St. Mary’s Bank Partners with IMPACCT Academy

Published Thursday Nov 8, 2018

St. Mary’s Bank Partners with IMPACCT Academy

St. Mary’s Bank and IMPACCT Academy are partnering to teach at-risk students with disabilities about financial literacy. The program will benefit 250–300 IMPACCT students from 70+ high schools across the state.

The program provides pre-employment transition services to students with disabilities and operates under “Inspiring the Mastery of Post-Secondary Achievement in College, Careers and Training” (IMPACCT), a partnership of NH Vocational Rehabilitation, Granite State Independent Living (GSIL), and high schools throughout New Hampshire.

“Many of our students join the workforce, earn their first paychecks, and then don’t know what the next step is,” says Maureen O’Donnell, GSIL’s Director of Education Services. “When we approached students, we learned that many were not familiar with the banking services their families utilized.”

To fill this skill gap, IMPACCT Academy introduced financial literacy into its curriculum in July 2016. Recognizing St. Mary’s Bank’s commitment to financial literacy, GSIL staff reached out to the credit union for guidance on establishing a coordinated program to teach students with disabilities the financial skills they need as they transition out of high school.

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