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Silk Mill Solar Array in Keene is Live

Published Tuesday May 14, 2019

Silk Mill Solar Array in Keene is Live

The historic Silk Mill property on Emerald Street in downtown Keene began generating electricity from a new solar rooftop system. The is the first commercial-scale project in New Hampshire for the Burlington, Vermont-based Encore Renewable Energy, which coordinated and managed the project.

Tousley Property Management, owner of the building, says the solar system will cut energy costs and lock in long-term savings on electricity through the system. Also, over the next 25 years, it will offset 2,375 metric tons of carbon dioxide, equal to the emissions from 5.8 million auto miles, and help the city of Keene meet its commitment to use 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030.

The mill produced decorative silk yarns from textile factory waste in the early 20th century, and today is a mixed-use commercial space for light manufacturing, office, storage, and retail tenants.

The 140-kilowattpeak (kWp) roof-mounted solar array was made possible in part by a Commercial & Industrial Solar Incentive Program Grant designed to increase the deployment of non-residential “net-metering” projects in NH that put clean energy onto the grid. Encore secured the grant to increase the appeal of the investment to Tousley.

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