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Shopping at Work

Published Monday Jul 15, 2019

Shopping at Work

In surveys from Robert Half Technology, 75 percent of workers admitted to shopping during work hours on a company device and 69 percent of tech leaders say they allow access to shopping sites but monitor for excessive use.

Robert Half Technology provided some advice for workers on employees who may be watching deals on Prime Day:

Learn the rules.

  • Before you shop, make sure you’re familiar with your company’s web policy.
  • Most employers have rules about sites or hours to avoid.
  • If the policy is unclear, play it safe and save your shopping for before or after work.

Limit surfing.

  • Unrestricted access to the Internet doesn’t mean you should spend all of Amazon's Prime Day searching for deals at your desk.
  • If you plan to do the majority of your shopping online and want to snag deals, take a personal day or conduct your browsing away from the office and limit your shopping activity to quick transactions when at work.

Log out of accounts.

  • After you’ve completed your online purchases at work, remember to log out of your merchant accounts on your computer to protect your personal information.
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