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Prepare for Crisis—Plan to Thrive

Published Thursday Jan 13, 2022

Prepare for Crisis—Plan to Thrive

Northeast Delta Dental President and CEO Tom Raffio (pictured) recently released Prepare for Crisis—Plan to Thrive, The Inside Story of How One Company Did It Right, a book he co-authored with Diane Schmalensee, president of Schmalensee Partners of Boston, Mass.

The book's starts with how Northeast Delta Dental managed throughout the pandemic by making all decisions with the safety and health of its employees and external stakeholders as a priority. The book explores the theme of businesses focusing on that first rather than making money.

Raffio said, “I wrote this book for current and future leaders to share the story of how Northeast Delta Dental was challenged by the COVID-19 crisis—yet thrived in terms of its reputation, operational quality, and market position—to offer hope and guidance so other organizations can do the same.”

The book offers suggestions on how companies must begin with a strong foundation before a crisis and how to leverage those management principles when a crisis occurs. The book also discusses how organizations can become even stronger by using lessons learned from an upheaval.

Prepare for Crisis is available at two independent NH bookstores, Gibson’s Bookstore in Concord, and Bookery in Manchester, and on Amazon.

Raffio has led Northeast Delta Dental since 1995, growing the company from administering dental benefits for 300,000 people to now serving more than 965,000 people. A Business NH Magazine Business Leader of the Year and Business Leader of the Decade, Raffio has received many awards for his business acumen and community service.


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