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Podcast of the Month: Marketing Murder Mysteries

Published Friday Jun 12, 2020

Author Heidi Copeland

Marketing Murder Mysteries

Riffing on the popularity of true crime podcasts, Millennium Agency in Manchester has launched Marketing Murder Mysteries. It’s a deep dive into the crazy decisions well-known brands make that occasionally send sales into a death spiral.

The wounds are not always self-inflicted. The podcast also explores the damage brands suffer when world events and viruses become unfortunately linked to them.  Think Corona beer, ISIS chocolates and Ayds candy.

Millennium CEO Linda Fanaras and Managing Director Robb Atkinson join host Michael Graham on the topic du jour. And after exploring a timely marketing challenge, the trio weave in lessons any size business can apply—or avoid—from the failures of the big guys.

Check it out wherever you get your podcasts.

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