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Office Space to Fit Your Business

Published Thursday May 24, 2012

While Brendan Keegan runs a startup venture capital and consulting firm, he's able to project the image of a well-established business. He has an office in Nashua with a secretary and an IT expert, and a satellite office in Washington D.C. That's because Keegan Venture Capital, which Keegan started last year out of his house, now rents space from Regus, a company specializing in flexible workspaces.

Regus opened its 12,000-square-foot office at Nashua Office Park in January and offers professional, flexible workspaces to businesses that can be rented on a monthly basis. As of March, half of the 58 individual offices were full, says Maria Paitchel, market director for New England. Renters include Bloomingdale's administrative offices and a mortgage company. Businesses pay based on their usage-from $25 a month for use of the kitchen and private thinkpods to full dedicated offices starting at $249 a month.

Businesses can opt in to a variety of services, from secretaries answering the phone using the business's name to a host of administrative services. Businesses can also switch services with ease. Want an extra office? No problem. Looking to hold a teleconference? Rent time in an office down the hall with teleconference software.

The company operates 1,200 work centers in 550 cities and 95 countries. That's why when Keegan goes to Washington, D.C. this month to meet with his biggest client, all he has to do is call the Regus Center in Virginia, and they will set up a meeting room for him, welcome clients under his company name and have food on the table.

A lot of our clients do travel quite a bit, Paitchel says. Who doesn't need a professional space to stop into versus trying to meet in a caf or a hotel room?

Keegan looked at both traditional and flexible office space when he was ready to move out of his house. He says Regus was comparable on a straight space-rental basis to other office options. It was the extras that sold him. If I need a fourth phone tomorrow, I can get it immediately, Keegan says, adding that he spent no time setting up or paying someone else to set up phone or computer networks. He has two employees and four to eight contractors, many of whom work from home, but can come to the office for meetings. You get a very professional business image here.

Paitchel says Nashua is just one of 21 Regus offices in New England and is the first of many planned in Northern New England. The company is planning to open offices in Portsmouth, Burlington, Vt. and Portland, Maine. For more information, visit

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