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NHTrust Supports Keene's Colonial

Published Thursday Apr 1, 2021

NHTrust Supports Keene's Colonial

NHTrust has purchased $20,000 in tax credits as well as a $5,000 direct contribution in support of The Colonial Performing Arts Center in Keene. These funds will support the renovations of The Colonial Performing Art Center’s historic theatre.

Named to the NH State Register of Historic Places in 2004, The Colonial Theatre is a key economic driver in downtown Keene and the surrounding area. Local arts organizations and other nonprofits use The Colonial’s production resources and rely on the theatre as their performance home and fundraising venue.

“We’re very thankful to our community partners, including NHTrust,” said Alec Doyle, executive director. “This project will be extraordinarily beneficial to our region for a long time to come. With our new showroom now complete, the community will have a fantastic multipurpose venue for events while construction continues on our main theatre over the coming year. When both stages are completed, The Colonial will play a significant role in re-energizing our entire community once the health care crisis ends.”

“NHTrust is pleased to do as much as we can to support The Colonial Performing Arts Center in fulfilling their vision to be the model regional performing arts center, exciting, educating, and challenging audiences of all ages,” said Paul Provost, president of NHTrust. “Our clients and community are excited about supporting local artists and performers, and The Colonial Performing Arts Center’s goal to bring the cultural and creative spirit of their community to life serves that important need.”

Local Businesses who wish to support The Colonial Performing Arts Center are encouraged to and can Contact Eric V. Weisenberger, director of development, at or 603.357.1233 x104 to learn more. The tax credits were administered by the NH Community Development Finance Authority.


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