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NH State House Commemorative Liquor Bottle Unveiled

Published Wednesday Oct 30, 2019





The New Hampshire Liquor Commission (NHLC) recently released its latest commemorative bottle, molded in the shape of NH’s historic State House. As the bottle is adorned, “This commemorative bottle celebrates the New Hampshire State House, which is the oldest state capitol building in which both houses of the legislature meet in their original chambers.” This year’s bottle is filled with premium Kentucky straight bourbon whiskey. Proceeds from sales of the bottle will support the education and commemoration of New Hampshire’s Bicentennial Celebration.

NHLC initially launched its commemorative bottle program to raise funding for the New Hampshire Hall of Flags, which houses 115 war-torn, bloodstained battle flags from the Civil War, World War I, World War II and the Vietnam War. Since 2013, bottle sales have generated more than $175,335. The new State House commemorative bottles are available at select NH Liquor & Wine Outlets for $29.99 each.

“New Hampshire’s historic State House is a symbol of our live free or die spirit and we are proud to showcase it in our latest commemorative bottle,” said NHLC Chairman Joseph Mollica. “Our New Hampshire State House commemorative bottle is a one-of-a-kind keepsake we are pleased to offer to our 12 million annual customers as we approach the holiday season.”

Last year’s commemorative bottle was designed in the shape of the iconic Old Man of the Mountain. Previously, NHLC developed commemorative bottles depicting a New Hampshire camping theme, and the Hall of Flags itself. This year’s bottle is the first to be filled with bourbon. NHLC filled previous bottles with premium vodka, rum and American whiskey.

“The New Hampshire Liquor Commission’s 2019 commemorative bottle is a fitting tribute to the bicentennial celebration of the New Hampshire State House,” says Governor Chris Sununu. “The NHLC’s commemorative bottle series has been a resounding success in raising funds to help preserve and celebrate our state’s rich and storied history.”

M.S. Walker Fine Wines & Spirits developed the State House commemorative bottle on behalf of NHLC. This is the first commemorative bottle replica of the New Hampshire State House to be offered since the 1960s. M.S. Walker, founded in 1933, is a fifth-generation, family-owned spirits bottler, wine & spirits importer, and wholesale distributor. The company has been a business partner of the State of New Hampshire for more than 80 years. The liquor was bottled in custom molds of the State House at M.S. Walker’s state-of-the-art bottling and production facility in Boston, Mass. 

“M.S. Walker is pleased to partner with the State of New Hampshire and NHLC in producing our newest limited-edition ceramic bottle,” says Gary Shaw, Executive Vice President, Director Control States, M.S. Walker Fine Spirits & Wines. “M.S. Walker, as a fifth-generation family business, has had the privilege to work with NHLC since its founding in 1934, and we look forward to continuing our present support of NHLC with the creation of this commemorative ceramic bottle series.”

Pictured in thumbnail: Steve White, General Sales Manager, M.S. Walker Fine Spirits & Wine; Gary Shaw, Executive Vice President, Director Control States, M.S. Walker Fine Spirits & Wines; Governor Chris Sununu; NHLC Chairman Joseph Mollica; and NHLC Deputy Commissioner Nicole Brassard Jordan.   

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