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NH Ranked #16 for Nursing Home Care

Published Thursday Oct 17, 2019


Advancing into old age brings to the forefront a variety of lifestyle and financial considerations, including the possibility of transitioning to a full-time nursing home.

When thinking about nursing home care there are many factors to weigh and expenses to navigate and find a facility that is comfortable, clean, well-run and affordable.

Nursing care is expensive. Even in the least expensive states, nursing home care will run more than $50,000 per year. Make sure to plan finances accordingly if full-time care may be in the future.

The state with the highest cost of nursing home care in the study is Alaska. According to Genworth Cost of Care Survey data, the average annual cost of nursing home care in the state is $351,495 – more than six times the cost in Oklahoma, the state with the lowest average annual cost.

SmartAsset analyzed data to find the states in the U.S. where the nursing home care is the best by looking at the following metrics:

  • nursing homes per 10,000 seniors,
  • nurse staffing hours per resident per day,
  • average fine amount incurred by nursing homes,
  • percentage of long-stay residents with depressive symptoms,
  • percentage of long-stay residents with worsening health,
  • percentage of short-stay residents with improvements in function,
  • percentage of short-stay residents assessed and given the flu vaccine 

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