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Nation's Largest Animal Protection Group Honors NH Legislators

Published Friday Jan 30, 2009

Each year, The Humane Society of the United States, a national animal protection organization, recognizes state legislators across the country who have initiated path-breaking animal protection legislation and demonstrably advanced reform in the policy-making arena. The organization has announced that former state Senator Joe Kenney and Representative Carla Skinder of the New Hampshire General Court are Humane State Legislator Award winners for 2008.

I was proud of the response to the animal fighting bill, which I introduced to protect animals and society against this type of abhorrent behavior, said Sen. Kenney. We as a society have a responsibility to protect animals, and make sure we do the right thing by them and for them. I'm honored to receive this award from The HSUS.

Rep. Skinder received her award for sponsoring H.B. 1143, which provides shelter for outdoor dogs.

I am honored to accept this award from The HSUS for helping to pass House Bill 1143, which I believe will give law enforcement the opportunity to help people through education, for I truly believe that most people care about their animals but do not fully understand their needs, said Rep. Skinder. My whole life has revolved around animals and this award is one of the most special awards I have ever received.

"Former Senator Kenney and Representative Skinder have been champions of animal protection since they first came to Concord," said Michael Markarian, executive vice president of The HSUS. "They have advanced the welfare of animals in New Hampshire in a very meaningful way, and we are pleased to honor them with this award and acknowledge their dedicated public service.

For more information about The HSUS' Humane State Legislator Awards or these grassroots events open to the press and public, please contact Martin Montorfano in The HSUS public relations department at 301-258-3152 or e-mail
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