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Must Know Resume Formatting Tips

Published Tuesday Jul 10, 2018

Will your resume pass the test? According to, 64 percent of recruiters are using technology such as applicant tracking systems to weed out candidates, without humans, based on resume flaws. Those that pass the algorithms, get in front of a human who makes a snap judgement within six seconds.

The team at offers must-know resume formatting tips to pass technology and win over humans. Some of those include:

•             Recruiters typically only look at the top 1/3 of your resume.

•             6 percent of companies prefer chronological resumes versus functional or hybrid formatting.

•             Entry level key tip: focus on transferrable skills from internships and summer jobs.

•             Management level key tip: use specific results, do not just list your responsibilities.

•             Executive level key tip: a bulleted list of accomplishments is the most important section.

Check out the chart below and see additional tips


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