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Monadnock Paper Offers Plastic Alternatives

Published Monday Jun 10, 2019

Monadnock Paper Offers Plastic Alternatives

Monadnock Paper Mills in Bennington is replacing plastics with their new ENVIPortfolio line for grocery. These plastic alternatives are resilient, fiber-based, and renewable substrates for in-store signage, channel strips, shelf talkers, and retail gift cards.

According to a statement, an example of single-use plastic that people don’t often consider comes in the form of 1.6 billion PVC gift cards made for checkout counters each year. The process used to create the yearly supply releases more than 33,260 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere; equivalent to the average annual CO2 output of 10,000 cars.

Monadnock Paper is further promoting sustainability through its Green My Grocery campaign, which challenges grocery retailers to take the next step toward a sustainable future. The renewable and recyclable ENVI Paper Gift Card, Channel Strip, and Point-of-Purchase signage were conceived with the needs of the industry in mind. The goal was to give grocery retailers high-performance alternatives to the vinyl, plastic, and PVC that have been historically difficult and costly to recycle.

“In response to consumer desire to see less plastic in their grocery stores, we created the ENVIPortfolio line of substrates for grocery as a renewable alternative," says Richard Verney, Chairman and CEO of Monadnock. "We're excited to be at the forefront of a new environmental movement while helping our partners continue to reach and surpass their sustainability goals."

Forest Stewardship Council certified, the ENVIPortfolio for grocery is manufactured carbon neutral using 100 percent renewable, Green-e certified, wind-powered electricity under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. 

Photo Credit: NH Hydrants.

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