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Meet This Best Company: Sanborn Head

Published Monday Dec 2, 2019

Perks are great, but it’s culture that keeps employees. No one knows that better than the organizations on the 2019 list of the Best Companies to Work For in NH. Firms had to complete an extensive employer application detailing not only their benefits, but the policies and programs they have in place geared to creating a great workplace for employees. Here is a profile of one of this year's winning companies:

Engineering and technical consulting firm

CEO: Charles Head
Years in Business: 26
Full-Time Employees: 113 (57 in NH)
Part-Time/Temporary/Seasonal Employees: 8 (Benefits offered)
Years on List: 1
Address: 20 Foundry St., Concord, NH 03301

Top Employee-Engagement Survey Measures:
My manager is interested in my well being: 100% agree
I have the freedom to make the necessary decisions to do my work properly: 100% agree

Sanborn Head altered its approach to managing employees based on employee feedback…and leaders say it’s been transformative. The firm replaced its annual performance evaluations with a new program, EDGE or Empowerment, Development, Guidance, Engagement in 2017. Now, employees have monthly conversations with their supervisors focused on development and engagement.

Additionally, the consulting firm has replaced exit interviews with stay interviews. Sanborn Head president and COO Barret Cole holds quarterly chats with employees about firm performance, strategic initiatives and to hear employee feedback and answer questions.

The firm offers several bonuses, including those for performance; a $500 to $2,000 new-employee referral bonus; a $2,500 bonus when employees receive their first professional license; and spot bonuses of $500 to $2,000 for significant contributions.

Sanborn Head offers flexible schedules and employees have the option to work from home to meet personal needs.

Employees also receive eight hours of paid volunteer time annually. The company provides several in-house training and development seminars and encourages employees to attend industry-relevant external training programs.

Sanborn Head offers a health reimbursement account along with health insurance, reimbursing employees for half of their deductible expenses. Another benefit is an employee stock ownership program that makes stock contributions on behalf of eligible employees without employees having to invest their own money.

Sanborn Head even provides employees with a $60 pre-tax monthly stipend to offset the cost of business use of their personal mobile devices and pays the base plan for employees’ personal identity theft insurance.

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