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Meet This Best Company: Chippers

Published Tuesday Dec 31, 2019

Perks are great, but it’s culture that keeps employees. No one knows that better than the organizations on the 2019 list of the Best Companies to Work For in NH. Firms had to complete an extensive employer application detailing not only their benefits, but the policies and programs they have in place geared to creating a great workplace for employees. Here is a profile of one of this year's winning companies:

Provides tree, turf, garden and land enhancement services

President & CEO: Mundy Wilson Piper
Years in Business: 33 (17 in NH)
Full-Time Employees: 70 (43 in NH)
Part-Time/Temporary/Seasonal Employees: 18 (12 in NH)
Years on List: 1
Address: 29 Smith Pond Road, Enfield, NH 03748

Top Employee-Engagement Survey Measures:
I am encouraged to learn and develop new skills: 100% agree
I am a member of a well-functioning team: 100% agree

It’s not unusual for companies to bestow anniversary gifts, but Chippers goes the extra mile to ensure the gift is meaningful by reaching out to spouses and family members for ideas. Previous gifts include a high-end camera kit; fly fishing gear and lessons; a four-day stay at an ocean-side inn; and a family photo shoot.

With workers spread across multiple job sites, Chippers gives employees custom lunch coolers with their names and personally meaningful photos. Employees can use the company’s smaller equipment for their personal use.

The company is generous when times are good, sharing 50% of net profits with employees while reinvesting the other half in the company. And, in this line of business where safety is paramount, the company offers extensive training and supplies each employee with clothing, personal protective equipment and safety gear, as well as $300 for the purchase of safety footwear or equipment.

Chippers reimburses employees 50% of tuition costs and offers them a $1,000 bonus for new employee referrals. It pays 100% of health care premiums for employees and contributes $750 to $1,500 to health savings accounts.

The company, new to the “Best Companies” list this year, allows employees to earn up to five weeks of paid time off and offers an additional paid holiday to employees who are military veterans. Chippers also requests employees disconnect between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. during the workweek, on weekends and during vacations and holidays. It’s little wonder the company has a mere annual employee turnover of 4%.

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