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JSA Inc. Celebrates 40 Years With New Name

Published Monday Jul 27, 2020

JSA Inc. in Portsmouth is celebrating 40 years and rolling out a company name change to JSA Design, a name that it says embodies its mission to enhance the community through thoughtful design and celebrates decades of award-winning architecture, planning and interior design.


“We are very excited about the introduction of our new company name, because it better represents our passion to our clients and to the communities we serve,” said North Sturtevant, CEO of JSA Design. “For four decades, our approach to design has always been deeply rooted in a desire to enrich the lives of those who live, learn, and heal in the environments we create. It’s part of our DNA and our founding values.”

According to a statement, since its founding in 1980, JSA has distinguished itself with a pioneering approach to community-engaged design, where social responsibility, inclusivity, personal experience and collaboration are addressed equally. Over the years, the firm has received scores of awards for design excellence, thought leadership and community service.

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