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Intriguing Woman-Led Business: All Metals Industries

Published Monday Dec 21, 2020

Author Matthew J. Mowry

Heidi Paiva. Courtesy photo.

Heidi Paiva started working at All Metals Industries in Belmont part time while in college, never thinking she would spend her career there, let alone one day running the metal service center. Yet when she graduated in 1994, she landed a full-time job there, helping wherever she could and holding a variety of jobs throughout the years.

Five years ago, Chairman Terry Robinson approached Paiva about leading the company and began grooming her to become CEO. And Paiva took the reins in 2018 to lead the 34-year-old company and its 70 employees.

“I enjoy the people here. It’s definitely interesting. There’s something different every day,” Paiva says, adding it is the employees that drive All Metals’ success. She says they’ve been expanding their customer base and increasing how much current customers order.

All Metals Industries, which has warehouses in Bow and in Connecticut, also has 10 trucks making daily deliveries of  metal products across New England and Eastern New York. Paiva credits the company’s ability to deliver 90% of orders within 24 hours as a competitive advantage. “We sell ourselves on service. We’re not always the lowest price, but we will get you good quality metal in a timely manner,” she says.

And she adds that a diverse mix of customers has helped the company manage the pandemic. “If one industry is lacking, another industry helps to sustain things,” she says. “We’ve been fortunate. We were considered an essential business. We were able to keep our doors open and never had to lay off or furlough.”

While COVID-19 has caused business to dip, Paiva says All Metals remains profitable and sales are picking up again. “We have been able to get new customers even during this time,” she says.

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